Tactical English for Football Professionals

All the tactical phrases you need as a football coach or analyst


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4 weeks
5 Hours



Deliver highly efficient training sessions

The key to success in football is communication.

Standard English courses don’t give you the tools to perform on the training pitch.

Which means you may express your football ideas poorly..

….resulting in failure and frustration.

The English For Football method has been created to give you ALL of the key tactical phrases you need…

So that you can express your football methodology you wish.

To become a successful and respected coach!

Why should I take this course?

For your career

Explain Tactical Ideas

Avoid hesitating

Perhaps you wish to coach in the US or UK but feel that your English is not adequate. This course gives you the key phrases to help you on the pitch.
Explain your tactical ideas in great detail and be specific so that you do not confuse others. The phrases are aimed at helping you be efficient on the training pitch.
Hesitation and confusion lead to poorly executed training sessions. These videos will help you to establish a football language and avoid stressful moments.

Meet the coach

Ross Jackson

England FA Qualified coach & Professional Scout
Ross is an experienced English teacher who transitioned into football coaching in 2017. He is now a scout in Brazil for Slavia Prague. All of this experience has given him the tools to create a methodology that helps to improve English of non-natives in football.
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