Better communication
& greater control of your training sessions

Learn all the tactical and communicative phrases you need out on the training pitch.

Worried you will confuse your players?

You know how to speak basic English but you are scared that your players won't understand you on the training pitch.

Hesitating and spending time trying to find the words to explain an action can disrupt your training session and leave your players confused.

The English For Football Tactical Course gives you the ability to learn, practice and remember the most key tactical phrases QUICKLY so that your training sessions run smoothly! 
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All the tactical phrases you need in 30 days


Easy to learn & use

Clear, detailed and short video explanations so that you will be able to easily remember and know EXACTLY when to use them.

Quick results

Save 100s of hours on ineffective English classes! These short videos will be give you the most important tactical phrases you can use immediately.


Video clips of real game scenarios so that you can stay 100% engaged and motivated to complete the course and come back again and again.

English for Football Students


Some of the best in the game have boosted their communication with the course!

Adrien Thomasson

RC Lens midfielder
"The course was so simple and easy to understand. I learnt all the phrases quickly by watching real game clips. I can talk about tactics much more confidently as I now know the accurate phrase to use!

Claudio Chiellini

Juventus Head of Next Gen
"I consider myself a good English speaker but I struggled to describe what I see on the pitch. This course expanded my tactical explanations to the extent I am totally confident to talk about my football ideas."


Ex-Lyon & Versailles FC coach
"I was too shy to talk in English and my level was very low before I started classes. I can now explain my tactical ideas without confusion and give my players instructions on the pitch."
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World's first tactical English course for football professionals.

All the tactical and communicative phrases you need on the pitch.
  • Over 60 videos with in-game analysis. 
  • Simple and effective explanations.
  • Videos of key phrases for defensive actions..
  • Videos of key phrases for attacking actions.
  • Test yourself after each video to remember easier!


Courses developed by a Football coach

Ross is an experienced professional scout, qualified coach and English tutor - so he knows the exact words you need on the pitch!
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Ross Jackson

FA Coach & Scout

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